In my career as a marketer, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to travel far and wide through the galaxies of gaming, tourism, advertising and more. As brand manager, lead copywriter and narrative lead for Solid Clouds, I was not only in charge of marketing the companies IPO, which resulted in a triple oversubscription, but also jumpstarted the marketing drive for the company’s first mobile game, as well as leading the writer’s team responsible for the game’s narrative. More recently, I’ve been a copywriter for CCP Games, crafting impactful blog posts, emails and ads for Iceland’s most successful video game, EVE Online. I’ve also done academic research into gamers and player motivation during my marketing studies, so I’ve been able to touch the hearts and controllers of gamers around the world.  

In my career I’ve been involved in digital and analog marketing of everything from video games to stage productions, music to tourism and everything else from earth to Andromeda. Among my achievements in those areas is Free Walking Tour Reykjavik, a tiny travel business that I grew five times over with a combination of social media campaigns and digital advertising. In addition, I’ve sold my own music and online courses using digital marketing, as well as being involved in successful crowdfunding campaigns using social media.

  • Copywriter for CCP Games, starting in 2022
  • Strongwriting – online songwriting courses and podcast I started in 2022
  • Brand manager, head copywriter and narrative  lead, Solid Clouds (2021-2022)
  • Freelance marketer (2005-)
  • Marketing and PR lead, Allir lesa (public reading initiative by Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature, 2014)
  • Owner and CMO of Free Walking Tour Reykjavik (2016-2020)
  • Copywriter for Ennemm advertising agency, 2005.