Writer of songs.

Creator of worlds.

I am a passionate marketer, researcher of videogames, singer-songwriter, actor, author and hot-sauce enthusiast. I also give talks on creativity and mental health, and champion art as a business.

If you are looking for a creative marketer, singer-songwriter, gaming enthusiast, copywriter and funny person, I'm your guy.  

Eyvindur Karlsson

What I do

With a wealth of experience from various creative fields, I bring a unique perspective into everything I do. I've launched my own businesses, released art independently and through large publishers and been awarded for my work in theater. I'm currently doing cutting edge marketing research in the field of video games. I have a wealth of experience running and marketing my own businesses, including a tour company, microbrewery, my indie music career and my freelance work as a translator and marketer.

Core Strengths

  • Creative mindset
  • Excellent English and Icelandic skills, as well as some Danish and French
  • I've done a lot of work as a copywriter, both freelance and full time
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Fast learner
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Very proficient with online advertising, including Facebook and Google
  • Very experienced blogger in English and Icelandic
  • Proficient with Office and most Adobe applications
  • Extremely funny dude
  • Marketing

    • I have built small businesses through my own marketing efforts, through online advertising, social media and word of mouth. My ventures include a highly rated travel company and an Icelandic micro-brewery.
    • I've worked as head of PR for a project run by Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature.
    • I have a wealth of experience in copywriting, both freelance and as a full time employee of a TV station and an advertising agency.

    Creative Writing

    • I have run a variety of blog pages, including the Follow Me blog (and podcast) and my music blog.
    • T√≠maflakk - I have been the lead writer and a performer on this sporadic comedy series on Icelandic Radio 2, and later Podcast, since 2006.
    • I have published a novel (and have another one coming), as well as poetry and a bunch of song lyrics.


    • I have a masters degree in theater directing, and have directed several shows in Iceland.
    • I have also been music supervisor, composer, songwriter, performer and actor in numerous shows, including two award winning musicals.


    • I am a prolific freelance musician, and have been writing and performing professionally for about two decades, in Iceland and abroad. Below you'll find a few examples of my work.

    My Music

    Throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with outstanding talent as a composer, songwriter and music supervisor on various theater productions, as well as performing and directing. 

    I have also recorded and released my own music, through my label One Bad Day slf.

    Below you'll find several examples of my work.

    If this show doesn't get an award for best music, I'll hang myself.

    -My late co-worker


    An unfinished mix of the title track from my upcoming album

    Spotify Showcase

    Here are several of my songs on Spotify

    Below are a few songs from my theater career. 

    About Me.

    Researching video game marketing, tourism and art entrepreneur, champion of creativity and self-care.
    I am an experienced, award winning songwriter, actor and public speaker, currently working on a degree in Marketing and international business, doing cutting edge research into video games marketing, passionate about content marketing, branding, advertising and various other marketing related fields. I give talks about creativity and mental health, which mix a motivational lecture with music. I write music for theater and perform as a musician and actor.

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