Creative Writing and Narrative Design

I don’t tend to hesitate when it comes to putting pen to paper, and I’ve crafted myriad smaller and larger pieces. In addition, I’ve been a translator for 20 years. Here is a small sample of my work:

Original work

  • Ósagt, novel, 2007
  • Tímaflakk, serial radio play for Icelandic Radio 2 and later podcast, 2006-2020 – writer, actor, director, editor
  • Harmleikarnir, original stageplay for Leikfélag Flensborgarskólans í Hafnarfirði, based on a story devised by the cast, 2016.
  • Fyndinn í fyrra, stand-up comedy special by Þórhallur Þórhalsson, 2008 (script advisor).


  • Narrative lead, Starborne: Frontiers,  mobile game from Solid Clouds, 2022.
  • Columnist for Icelandic Radio 2, 2006.
  • I’ve written blog posts for myself and various high profile web sites around the world, such as and other songwriting sites, as well as writing posts for CCP Games and Solid Clouds.

Starborne: Frontiers

Narrative Lead


Short story

This short story was the start of a Wild West fantasy world I’m building in my spare time. The story can be read here.


Novel, 2007

A young woman sits in a police interrogation room. Everything she says is a lie. This is what she leaves unsaid.


Radio series and podcast, written, performed and directed by myself and two of my colleagues.