The Hiking Viking

Hi, my name is Einar Skulason. Some foreign friends call me the hiking viking but in Iceland I’m just the plain Einar.


I have been hiking from young age and actually started with my grandmother on the beaches and hills of Hvalfjörður. As I got older I wanted to go higher so in my teens my grandma settled on getting the stories and in that sense was always my companion and still is even though she passed away a few years back.


I have always been fascinated by the link between people and the nature, history, folklore, poetry and just about anything that explains how people lived their lives and survived through the centuries in Iceland. In my trips I always like to tell stories to explain this connection with people and the nature and how the culture evolves.

einar, renuka, berglind

Five years ago I started a local hiking club called Vesen og vergangur (Trouble and wandering).  Currently there are more than 9000 members and we do more than 200 trips a year, mostly in the Reykjavik area. I have published two books in Icelandic on hiking trails and last year I started developing an app called Wapp – Walking app.

Even though I suggest some tours on this page I would really like to tailor make the tour for each group. Find out what interests you and how I can fit it together with the possibilites that the time of year gives us. Contact me if you want to discuss it.

Einar Skulason



Einar og félagar á Ólafsskarðsvegi

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